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About Us

About the PAC

The Gold & Silver PAC was founded on August 18, 2010. It was formed with the intention of supporting Federal candidates with an interest in issues, legislation and regulations important to the marketing, ownership and sales of rare coins, currency and precious metals. The PAC is committed to endorsing candidates who understand these issues affecting the rare coin and precious metal community. The PAC has held many successful fundraisers for Republican and Democratic candidates, raising over $120,000 for them.

In June 2012, the PAC held it's first Rare Coin and Bullion Industry Congressional Awareness Event in Washington DC.
 During the Event, a number of influential numismatists toured the House requesting that congressmen support HR 5977, The Collectible Coin Protection Act.

About the Chairman
Barry Stuppler Barry Stuppler is the founder of the Gold & Silver PAC. He is a professional numismatist with over 50 years in the rare coin & precious metal community. Barry is one of the nation’s most well known and highly respected coin dealers. Since founding Stuppler & Company, Inc., he has worked with thousands of investors and collectors – men and women who have earned rewards far in excess of the U.S. stock and bond markets by participating in the exciting gold and silver coin and bullion markets. Barry publishes an award winning website ( which provides updated news and timely articles for beginning and experienced rare coin and precious metal owners.

Vice Chairman
Steve Ivy

Executive Board
Steve Eichenbaum

J. Richard Eichman

Board of Directors
Mike Clark
Philip Diehl
Donald Doyle
Mike Fuljenz
Terry Hanlon

The purpose of the Gold & Silver PAC is to identify, support and endorse candidates who understand the important issues that affect our community and oppose those who don't. Paid for and authorized by the Gold and Silver PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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