Gold & Silver PAC

FEC Registration C00487892

Key Legislative and Regulatory Issues 2013-2014.  These issues are the criteria the PAC uses to evaluate candidates for support.

  • Passage of H.R. 1849, the Collectible Coin Protection Act, which fights the sale of high quality Chinese counterfeit rare coins in bogus certified numismatic holders
  • Exempt coins, currency and precious metals from a SSTP – Inter-state internet or mail-order sales tax
  • Exempting rare coins, currency and precious metals from possible VAT taxes
  • Regulation of gold and precious metal dealer purchasing and marketing practices
  • Enforcement of the Ancient Antiquities Act on Greek and Roman coin imports
  • Hotel and traveling gold buyers - buying gold jewelry without a state or local second hand license
  • Allowing certified rare coins into IRA accounts
  • Capital gains tax treatment to precious metals, currency and rare coins



    The purpose of the Gold & Silver PAC is to identify, support and endorse candidates who understand the important issues that affect our community and oppose those who don't. Paid for and authorized by the Gold and Silver PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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